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Fastball - Fire Escape
Creed - My Own Prison
Three Doors Down - I Feel You
Switchfoot - Meant To Live
12 Stones - The Way I Feel
Bryan Duncan & Rebecca St James - Love Takes Time
Small Town Poets - Every Reason
This is the Road To Redemption...

Hi Bryan Duncan again,'s gonna be an edgy show this week Cause we're talking about the undercurrent of Resentment. which revolve around my expectations of you... And their yours of me.
Fastball / Fire Escape

(over the end) "I may not be the man you want me to" the song is fire escape by fastball... addressing the expectations of others... This week we're lookin at the undercurrent of resentment...___(song ends) I'm Bryan Duncan with Radio Rehab on the Road To Redemption. You can find us online at've heard it said that expectation is a premeditated resentment...

I can expect resentment to show up in my moral inventory, that's for sure... And there will be amends to make for my actions against others in some cases because of it. Resentment is the heavy load on the road to bitterness... See that's different from the road to redemption... The road to bitterness goes south.... So how do you feel? carrying all that resentment around? Feels like prison to me...

Creed/ my own prison

That's Creed/ my own prison He sings....I cry out to God seeking only his decision... (over intro) "Be gentle and ready to forgive; never hold grudges" it says in Colossians 3:13 "remember, God forgave you, so you must forgive others" sometimes I even resent the admonition to do the right thing when I've been wronged and I want revenge...and personal vindication ...kinda comes with being angry and resentful...

3 doors down/ I feel you

Three doors down/ the song is I feel you, The only thing that gets me through what I feel and I feel you... In my case that would be the presence of a higher power... the only thing that can get me through resentment.

So "Lay aside every weight... And run the race to win" Forgiveness is the key to losing this weight of resentment... I can't always know why people do what they do... There is always one side of the story that we don't know says Oswald Chambers... What I do know is that we were meant to live for so much more

Switchfoot/ Meant To Live

That's Switchfoot...out of San Diego... Your on the Road To Redemption with Bryan Duncan playing only stuff that I like... And dealing with stuff in my life that I don't... And with that said lets look at life out of step...

Most of my resentments come from trying to be my own Higher Power. There is a God and I'm not him and that makes me angry sometimes...see cause I have a plan for God's life when it comes right down to it and for everyone else. But I make a poor higher power because not only do I lie to myself on a regular basis but I believe my own lies and I fail to put up reasonable boundaries to avoid resentments. Letting go of offenses is so hard because anger has a power of it's own... And it feels safer sometimes to stay there, rather than to trust in a supreme Redeemer or believe that he holds my best interests in his hands and that I matter to him... as long as I focus on the resentment I cannot let go of any of it... My higher power... And supreme Redeemer...can show me a bigger picture if I care to look up to him... I'm reminded of a crying baby who is upset about something until you show him something else to look at and he forgets what has just happened and finds a new wonder to behold... Maybe I should be more childlike.... And let a heavenly Father distract me with something he finds worth my attention.

Dear resentments are many and I find it hard to let go... Distract me with your love and your purpose beyond this moment so that I may live through this moment...and be reasonably happy as I live one day at a time Cause I hate the way I feel right now...

12 Stones/ the way I feel... Thanks for the honesty and why not? God knows anyway...

Resentment is unavoidable sometimes... but I can define my expectations, improve my conscious contact with God and take a daily moral inventory. Maybe I'll see what I've missed that causes the weeds of resentment to spring up... Oh yea, I could cut people some slack too cause I'm no better than they are!

Love Takes Time/ Bryan Duncan- Rebecca St James...

Thanks for listenin to Radio Rehab with Bryan Duncan, find us on line at bryanduncan,com and I'll leave you with Small Town Poets ... keep coming back and we'll find every reason to trust a supreme redeemer.

Small Town Poets/ Every reason (album version)