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Darwin Hobbs - Hold On
Bryan Duncan - Lonely Tonight
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Blue On Black
Doug Williams & John P Kee - Helpless and Hopeless
Bonnie Raitt - Wounded Heart
Bryan Duncan - After This Day Is Gone
This is the Road TO Redemption Hi It's me Bryan Duncan...I hope your listening cause I'd hate to be here all by myself... You'd think, with cell phones, email, chat rooms, instant messaging, churches on every corner, support groups and crisis hot lines, I wouldn't have a loneliness problem....but guess what still turns up...we'll talk about that in a minute.... so hold on.

Hold On / Darwin Hobbs

That's Darwin Hobbs on the Road To Redemption....I'm bryan duncan... Talking about loneliness and isolation this week...

So how come with all this technology to communicate, I still read the conclusion on a report about the usefulness of the world wide web...that reads "there's a lot of sad lonely people out there"!

why is that? There are certainly enough people on this planet to cover at least a couple of friends each wouldn't you think? What's missing here? All these people and all these tools and still I'm lonely sometimes!....

Lonely Tonight/ Bryan D (over solo) I've been told that Loneliness is a choice! I'm sure Isolation is but the feelings of loneliness come as often to me in a crowd as when I am standing alone. Even knowing what I've read about how God is with me all the time... It doesn't feel that way on occasion... I like to remember what shadows are made of... Feelings are like shadows, they change with the light.

(over the end at 3:47) The Recovery Bible says in one of the sidebars that My guilt, my fear of being hurt, and my self hatred can make me unable to believe in the love others have for me. Feelings of loneliness and isolation go along with guilt and shame about who I am or what I've done.

That's Lonely tonight by the same bryan Duncan that does this show... You can find them both on line at You're listenin to radio rehab on the Road To Redemption and I am Bryan Duncan....

Loneliness might be a choice but I'm still reminded of some abandonment in my own life that I didn't choose that led to some loneliness... You know how that feels right?

Blue On Black/ Kenny Wayne Shepherd

(over solo 3:02) I guess it's all the work that comes with being involved with others that makes me want to isolate... And put up with the loneliness that it creates. I find it easier to control everything when I eliminate the rest of the world. I may not do it consciously. Addiction and unmanageable dependency is "managed" easier when we can get away from the scrutiny of others...pain too is relieved when there is no one to criticize us for our choices.

I learned to draw away from others in the beginning when I discovered... other people can hurt me! In fact it is a certainty that I will be disappointed sometimes and hurt in every relationship I ever enter into. That's the reason many of us choose to avoid others more and more.

...that's Kenny Wayne Shepherd... Blue On Black and we're talking about isolation and loneliness on The Road To Redemption...yea we're lookin at it, but we're not helpless and hopeless

Helpless and hopeless/ Doug Williams and John P. Kee

That's a duet by Doug Williams and John P. Kee man that¹s a funky little number... Helpless and hopeless is the name of it ...

Life Out Of Step.... I don't like these feelings of loneliness and isolation... Fear of abandonment and self loathing cause I can't fit in to the social structure around me... The guilt and shame I think about when I'm alone... So I'll just add poor choices to my pathetic feelings...there is a mind numbing number of dependencies I can turn to... I can drink until my mind stops sending me signals of pain... I can "prescribe" my own medications, Or maybe I'll just eat until I find oblivion...or how about I just start my own anger and resentment rebellion... Or give up and turn to pornography and fantasy that's everywhere these days... Maybe that would be too obvious...maybe I'll just sit in front of the t.v. And fan channels... I could look for that one perfect person that would make me feel more important and valuable... Or better yet I could, in the name of God, set out to fix everyone else's problems, become a workaholic! try to control everything and everyone around me... just stay too busy to think about the ugly stuff, and my own brokenness. Forget it let's just go to Vegas... I can sit there pull the handle over and over and expect a different result... How about just living my life through someone else, they seem to be a better candidate for living than I am. I'll just blame somebody else for these decisions that I have to make because of what they are doing to me. It's their fault anyway that I'm where I am. After all feelings are so overpowering. I'm sure I'm the only one who has 'em. And I'm pretty sure God doesn't love me and there is no purpose for my life...I just need something else to get me through this...

Dear God, you can see my pain Walk me through these feelings that I discover when I'm alone help me to not isolate myself because of it...

Wounded Heart/ Bonnie Raitt

(over the solo) Even God himself declared in the beginning of his creation on earth... That it wasn't good for man to be alone... In fact God created man so that he too might have a relationship with us. A relationship that allows another to make a choice that is not in our control and does not fit our will sometimes, The risk is there so that when someone does make a choice to reach out to me of their own free will or offer their sacrifice for my benefit I experience a satisfaction and grace that I could not produce myself even if I were God. Maybe that is a pleasure he created for himself too... The desire to be loved with out forcing the choice. And God created free will!... And I've abused that privilege ever since.

Man I relate to that... Bonnie Raitt with wounded heart... One of the reasons we're on the Road To Redemption... I'm learning to not run from my feelings I believe there is something good on the other side of every bad feeling... For one thing, it gives me compassion for others... So I'll just walk through these shadows with the help of a higher power...

After this Day/ Bryan D

After this day is gone... There's still a place in your heart for me...

Sign my guestbook at let me know what you think...or listen to radio rahab at the same website.. In all your ways acknowledge God and he will direct your path...let God do for you what you cannot do for yourself... And call someone... loneliness doesn't have to be the choice... I'm Bryan Duncan keep coming back...