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Colorado Mass Choir - Glad About It
BB King & Eric Clapton - Three O' Clock in the Morning
Eagles - Hole in the World Tonight
Amy Grant - Eye To Eye
Sunday Shoes - Chippin Away
Bryan Duncan - Yes I Will
This is the Road To Redemption..

Hey it's that time again... on the road with Bryan Duncan... We're dealin with the stuff you talk to yourself about...who you are, what you're worth, what you're future's gonna look like...but always negative... So let's start with good music and prepare for the worst of Stinkin Thinkin...

I'm Glad about it / Colorado Mass Choir

Colorado Mass Choir... Glad about I'm Glad about that funky groove... Welcome to the Road to Redemption I'm Bryan Duncan...I thought I'd open the show with somethin UP...that was Way Up

Three O clock blues/ BB King & Eric Clapton

but this week I'm cryin bryan cause I'm talkin about stinkin thinkin.

If I could catch the scent of the grinding gears in my brain while in this mood... Well it'd probably smell like a smoldering bicycle inner tube...

Maybe I just have a talent for creating a negative thought it just me? I've been doing it for so long it's just plain easier to develop. Without the intervention of my supreme Redeemer... I'm a natural born pessimist..I've lived on the theory, if I don't think big... I won't be disappointed... But excuse me... I'm disappointed anyway...

Most of my stinkin Thinkin starts with Never and Always it's always one or the other and I can never get it right...sure keeps me up late at night.

(over the solo) You find a lot of stinkin thinkin in the blues... Like the words I can't, I won't, and I never...Maybe that's why the blues makes me feel so good... Gives me a chance to commiserate...there ain't nothin wrong with acknowledging how something's just acting on the poor thought process that comes with it.. that gets me in trouble...I don't like the way I feel when I have these thoughts... So I'm gonna avoid that by doing this! That¹s how addictions are born...the thoughts keep coming back creating the feelings I don't like... And I find a way to check out.

So how do I get out of this mess...well it don't happen fast! but I can find a friend or two to let me know when I'm acting out of a poor thought process. That's why the Road To Redemption is not traveled alone...someone else must walk me through the valley of the shadows and shine a light on the dark places... I've found the courage to share the pain of my stinkin thinkin with somebody else...yea and it sounds pretty cool with a groove under it like this one... So maybe that's the place to start... I CAN share my struggle with someone else. And I Will find that I'm not the only one who thinks like me. I Can change my mind and the way I think...

Offer yourselves as a living sacrifice to God, dedicated to his service and pleasing to him...let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind" from Romans 12:1&2

The Eagles/ Hole in the world

That's the eagles soaring through that one...maybe the biggest hole is the one in my own heart and mind coloring my perception of the world. You're listening to Radio Rehab, the Road To Redemption... With Bryan Duncan. And We're on line and bryanduncan .com This week we're focusing on "Stinkin Thinkin"

(over intro) A common form of stinkin thinkin comes from living under an assumption that other people are looking down on me, so convinced about this that I do not even bother to check it out. It's called mind reading... I'd rather assume the worst than to feel the rejection I'm sure is coming if I bother to ask.

Amy Grant/ eye to eye

That's Amy Grant... Eye to eye.. "I'd like to see just where we stand before darkness falls..." I like those lyrics...I've never said that myself cause I'd rather just assume the worst about how you feel... And there's a point in stinkin thinkin.. Brought to you by funkin' Duncan! I know she's singin about something entirely different there but of course I would have a different thought process...

So why don't we go there now... In Life out of Step...

I can always find the minutest of negative impressions in every situation... Like a friend told me once... Man you can find a dark cloud in every silver lining. He's right...because I've believed things about myself through Stinkin Thinkin...that I'm always looking to verify. Proof that my thoughts are correct... And when you stay disconnected from others your mind is the only thing talkin to ya!!! hello? So it has to be right... Right?

Even when I do listen to the thoughts of others who try to encourage me... Another facet of Stinkin thinkin pops up to back up the ones I'm using currently... It's called disqualifying anything positive... I can hear great things said about me and think to myself boy if they ever really knew the truth about me they'd never say that...

Suddenly what was meant to be a compliment turns sideways just as it reaches my ears... Of course there are those comments that I have to choose to find the compliment in... Like... "Wow you sing great for an older guy". Or how about... "hey didn't you used to be somebody"... And then there's "my grandmother loves your music".

In those kind of comments it's easy to find the two separate roads I can go down... But most days things are alittle tougher to identify...sometimes I'm already hearing my own negative thoughts before anyone says anything to me. I'm not sure I ever hear what people are saying to me really...

It's one reason to take a moral inventory of yesterday... Everyday...helps me recognize my feelings usually connected to a negative thought process and helps me find a new approach today to my negative ways of thinking... Even now I'm thinking... You're not listening and you're not gonna do this and why do I bother with this show...

Dear God, my brain has all the wrong grooves in it... From years of thinking the worst about myself and everything in my life. Give me a new perception help me find the good things to be grateful for. I need the courage and your power to help me change the things I can... Especially the way that I think... With your help I can and I will....amen

Sunday Shoes/ Chippin' Away

That's Sunday Shoes... Chippin away on Stinkin thinkin...

You've been listening to Radio Rehab with me Bryan Duncan and if you've been really listening the past 25 minutes you might have already I really SHOULD work on this...well there's another one of those ways of Stinkin Thinkin.... your shoulds and should nots create self-loathing, shame, and guilt I've been told... You are building statements that cause you to feel unduly pressured and resentful. So why don't we just agree to see how many ways we can recognize our own negative thought process.. Who knows we might start to change things just for fun... Here's one of my songs just for combat that thought process that says... I'm nothing special and I have nothing to offer... Bryan Duncan / Yes I will

So enough already of stinkin thinkin... Let's find the time to RE Think shall we... One day at a time, lets find the good things.... You can find radio rehab on line, it's a good and sign the guestbook let me know you are listening... I'm bryan duncan.... Keep coming back.