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Al Green - God Will Make a Way
Kirk Franklin - He Loves You
Bryan Duncan - Maybe I'm Amazed
Jon Gibson - What a Friend
Third Day - Amazing Love
It's the Road To Redemption, I'm Bryan Duncan... Your tour guide... Sort of... Try to think of this show as "radio rehab"... We're restoring our sanity here one song at a time.

I'm a believer in Recovery... And reconciliation, and restoration... It's all part of the road to redemption and it's all R's when you spell it out.

Tonight's show There is a God...and You matter to him....

he has the power to help you overcome... Just ask the right reverend Al Green

(song) al green / God will make a way

There is a God and you matter to him.... for many of us that may be the toughest part of the good news to believe. Especially if you have trouble loving yourself... Or maybe you've lost at love somewhere... It's always the ones closest to you that leave you hurting the most. Maybe that very lack of love has caused you to make decisions to meet your own needs and never trust anybody ever again. Well, That always leads to hang ups and bad habits...

Jesus Christ is still the supreme redeemer... He'll always take you back and his love is perfect... His forgiveness is forever... There is a God.... and He loves you very much... Believe it and join me on the road to redemption.

(song) Kirk Franklin/ he loves you

Tonight's prayer Dear God, I have tried to fix and control my life's hurts, hang ups and habits all by myself. I admit it, by myself I haven't been able to change my ways. I need to begin to believe... To receive your power to help me. So please Help me be open to the hope that I can only find in you. Help me believe in my soul that you really love me and that you sent Jesus to die on the cross for my sins so that I could be free from the bondage of addiction to anything that stops my spiritual growth. Amen

(Song) Maybe I'm Amazed /

Life out of step..

The only way to truly know if God loves you personally is to spend time with him. To wait on him! In America we tend to see waiting for something as some kind of horrible time out... punishment. I know I do... I want everything to be quick and easy...I mean, I won't stand in a bank line for two seconds... And they have all my money! Author Sue Monk Kidd calls it sarcastically "quickaholism". The quickaholic has bought into the myth that when you're waiting on something, you are doing nothing. She says "I resented the fact that God didn't work at the same speed as my computer" Love never does. Just remember, as she says in the book entitled "when the heart waits" when you're waiting... your not doing nothing... You're doing the most important something there is...If you can't be still and wait, you can't become what God created you to be" And I might add you'll never have time to hear him say... "I love you so very much..." all you have to do to miss those words is to get out of step with waiting.

( Song) Jon Gibson / what a friend we have

Don't play that daisy game with God... God loves me, God loves me not...based on your circumstances.... In life there will always be more middle than highs or lows... That¹s true too on the road to redemption. Develop the strength and trust in God to coexist with the tensions of uncertainty. That middle part of life that sometimes is even boring... Trust that God loves you even when you don't feel loved..

(song) ?

Even as a believer I don't always act as though I know that God thinks I'm valuable. We won't recognize his power to help if we don't believe that he cares about us. Maybe that takes a little faith right now for you. But it's just one step on the road to redemption. Remember ... There is a God.... And you matter to him.

I'm bryan duncan, don't forget there's support for recovery from whatever keeps you from being reasonably happy in the knowledge of God's love for you. You can find it at and if you can't spell celebrate... Call 949 609 8305. Keep coming back... to The Road To Redemption on your transformation station.