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Natlie Grant - Live For Today
Bryan Duncan - Hand It Over
Switchfoot - 24 Hours
Amy Grant - Simple Things
Bebe Winnans - Oh Happy Day
U2 - Beautiful Day
This is the Road To Redemption Hi Bryan Duncan here, and I'm fine right this minute too, thanks for askin... So How are you... Right right now is what you have... we're living one day at time and enjoying one moment at a's the fourth line of the serenity prayer...

Natalie Grant / Live For today

That's Natalie Grant...On the Road To Redemption, Tellin me to live for today that's the idea anyway... this week lookin at Living one day at a time...

I think the concept here is to not project what the future's gonna be and react to that before it happens... It's also a way of leaving the past where it is as something I can't change...... I can make amends for wrongs in the past...still that's part of today!!!

Bryan Duncan/ Hand it over

That¹s an oldie from Bryan Duncan... Bob Carlisle singin in the background...a song I wrote for my kids back when they were... Kids... to tell 'em what to expect on any given day... It fit's with the 12 steps even back then... Turning my life and my will over to the care of God... It's the best way to get through one day at a time... And maybe even enjoy one moment at a time... And that's what I'm talkin about on radio rehab this week...lets start with the one day part first... cause some adjustments have to be made in my understanding before I even get the concept of "ENJOYING" one moment at a lets just look at one 24 hour period

Switchfoot/ 24

That¹s 24 by Switchfoot... "You're raising the dead in me"...they sing to their redeemer... "Spirit take me up in arms with you..."

(over intro) Trusting in the one who holds tomorrow and controls what tomorrow brings can give me the confidence to stay in this moment and even enjoy the ride as I live one day at a time...there's a lot of good stuff I can miss if I decide not to be here today...

Amy Grant/ simple things

Simple things by Amy Grant..."I believe in simple things" she sings...

And with that let's take a simple look at life out of step...

I've always been afraid to believe in simple things enjoying the moment I'm in... Or living one day at a time.... Afraid someone might think I was "simple minded"... It's always been used as a put down in my background...I can still hear the comments from outsiders..." you're an idiot for believing all that religious hogwash..." That hurts... I'm being devalued and discredited by a larger community...who think that if "I'm smilin' no one's home"...

So I'll keep my simple faith but I'll just act like a deep thinker... I'll take a scientific approach to faith... Seasoned with the proper amount of scientific cynicism: I'll examine the simple things... Identify the obvious joy of laughter, tenderness of tears, the humility of affection... break 'em down into their possible reasons for existing,

I'll Test everything based on my own experience... Label every issue and name every sin, quote as much from smart people as I can. Maybe all that thinking and quoting will make me happy eventually... By getting those I want to impress to see how valuable I am because of my wonderful insights... About simple things!!! Did you hear the unrealistic thought process there in my last comment? It's unbelievable! yea so I'm gonna look for personal happiness based on how others see me...

What have all my questions brought but more questions? In my efforts to become wise, I become more confused!

something just feels foolish though about trusting in a higher power...and living one day at a time... It also tends to disregard my personal strengths! I mean after all I do have my talents! like over examining the obvious! but I certainly want somebody to notice my strengths. I heard someone say recently.." It is not my weaknesses that keep me from God...It is my natural strengths"

The truth is after all this effort it's still kinda like playin homeboy golf... None of your "homies" are really keepin track of your score... They don't even know how yer doin unless your throwin a fit. They're busy lookin for their own ball which by the way is usually out of bounds too...

Dear me avoid over thinking the simple things... as my own finite brain complicates my life... Reading too much into things... And blowing everything out of proportion. Show me how to enjoy one moment at a time...and live one day at a time. Lord God, please allow me to lighten up! amen. So let's start livin one day at a time...shall we...and stay on the Road to Redemption... Here's a great groove to keep you on the Road...

BeBe Winnan / Oh Happy Day

That's Bebe Winnan bringin back a classic by Edwin Hawkin's... Oh Happy Day..if you'd like to improve your day check out or

You're listenin to Radio Rehab with Bryan Duncan personal friend of yours playin my favorite music cause it helps me live one day at a time... Music makes a nice sound track for my own daily drama

U2 / Beautiful Day

U2.... Beautiful Day... "what you don't have, you don't need it now"....If I can accept a higher power in my life and believe that he will "make all things right if I surrender to his will" like it says eventually in the serenity prayer... I can let go of the future enough to discover this day. And I can actually enjoy one moment at a time as my life plays out. It still starts when I believe that I'm just a passenger on the bus that a loving God is driving... Can you believe that?... Cause I can't prove it... Faith is a choice not a science. I'm Bryan Duncan... Keep coming back