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Bryan Duncan - Clap Yo Hands
Ashley Cleveland - Skin Tight
Doug Williams & Yolanda Adams - After the Storm
Bryan Duncan - Your Love My Saving Grace
Eric Clapton - River of Tears
Hezekiah Walker - I'll Make It
This is the Road to Redemption... Hi I'm bryan duncan as always...accepting hardship as a pathway to What constitutes hardship and how does it lead to peace, of all things...? Bryan Duncan / Clap Yo Hands

That's Bryan Duncan with Ashley Cleveland...on the low end of a straight and narrow road...songs called clap your hands... I've been breaking down the serenity prayer for weeks now... This week I'm lookin at this one line "accepting hardship as a pathway to peace"

(Over intro) So what is hardship anyway? I'm annoyed at a lot of things in life... Wouldn't call it hardship though... I think for an addictive personality like mine... Real hardship would be overcoming isolation in a constructive way...

Ashley Cleveland/ Skin Tight

That's Ashley Cleveland...q Love like mine is Skin tight...a little short on insight as well I might add... we're on the Road To Redemption here..."accepting hardship as a pathway to peace"

(over Intro) Webster says... Hardship is a condition that is difficult to endure...suffering, deprivation, oppression...oh great... There's not a single mention here of how to find peace through it...

Doug Williams and Yolanda Adams/ after the storm

That¹s Doug Williams and Yolanda Adams... after the storm

"You will have trouble in this life" it says in James... That's a promise in the Bible you don't hear quoted a lot... How I perceive that trouble will make a difference in the way I am affected.

(over Intro) A better perception begins with step two of the 12 steps of recovery... I came to believe that a power greater than myself could restore me to sanity... If I'm gonna take that leap of faith... I might as well go straight to the top...God almighty himself... Whether I understand him or not... Maybe he has a purpose for all this hardship in my life... Even if I can't see it...

Bryan Duncan/ Your Love Is My Saving Grace...

That's me again singin about my own saving grace...found it on the road to redemption and livin one day at a time, improving my conscious contact with God through prayer and meditation... When I least felt like it.... Right in the middle of my own hardships...when I finally admitted that my life had become unmanageable... And I was powerless over my dependencies...I don't know even know why it works but it does for me...

And I know by experience what doesn't work too... I call it life out of step...

several years ago I decided to try the adventure of cave exploration... I went with a party of seven. It was a marbleized ant hill...a giant maze... One wrong turn and you can be lost for weeks. I was fine with that only because I was going with two guys that had been through it several times before. it only takes a few minutes to be in such darkness you can't see your hand in front of your face... I'm claustrophobic by the way...I like to see where my next breath is coming from....and this was a paramount exercise in faith and trust... after about three hours I watched one guide squeeze through one tiny little hole that I couldn't believe he could fit through. It seemed least likely to go anywhere...and I followed because he'd been here before...and that's the only reason... That nasty little hole led to an opening they call the grand ball room, a huge cavern absolutely breathtaking. There was a natural bridge across the chasm and a water fall dropping several hundred feet... Sights I'd never seen before. But I had to risk the scary stuff to get there... And I had to trust in someone who knew the way. It was an adventure but the best part was six hours later... seeing the light of day once again and fresh air... I never felt more grateful for the simple fact of being alive... In a way it is like facing hardships, I learn to trust! and my faith and wisdom grow through the difficulty, and I learn too what it is that I can change... Like my determination to be a coward for the rest of my life... Surviving that hardship led me to an indescribable elation and satisfaction... And there was peace in knowing that I could overcome my fears with a little help from my friends...

(Over Eric Clapton/ River of Tears) Dear God...hardships are inevitable in this life... I can choose to trust you and follow you through the dark places believing that there is something to see on the other side... Or I can just live with the bitterness of accepting hardship as an unavoidable reality... Help me choose faith over bitterness...and help me find peace through the hardships I face...In God My higher power and supreme redeemer I trust.... Amen

Your listening to radio rehab with Bryan Duncan... On line at bryan And radio Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace seems like the only way to find sanity to me... I have raged at my own powerlessness and the unfair circumstances of my life for most of my life... It led to anger and bitterness and eventually addiction as a way of avoiding the pain of hardship that I could not escape...So where's the peace...mine comes from believing in the savior,Jesus Christ... that he has a plan for my life and a purpose for my circumstances...and never abandons me even in the times when I choose my will over his...

... Thanks for listening to The Road TO Redemption this CAN make it!!! I'll dedicate this song by Hezekiah Walker... To you...don't forget... God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change... The Courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference... Living one day at a time enjoying one moment at a time Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace... I'm bryan duncan... Keep coming back

Hezekiah Walker/ I'll Make It

This has been the Road To Redemption on your transformation station....