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Seal - Bring it On
Donnie McClerkin - Just a Little Talk with Jesus
Bryan Duncan - Don't Help the Devil
Switchfoot - Beautiful Let Down
Bonnie Raitt - Cry On My Shoulder
Randy Stonehill - All I Know
This is the Road To Redemption....hi, I'm Bryan Duncan, as always.. on the road, Jump in! We're taking as Jesus did this sinful world as it is and not as I would have it...It's another line from the Prayer for Serenity it's a daily prayer on the Road To Redemption Seal / Bring it On

Seal... Bring it On..."don't wait until tomorrow"... We're Taking, as Jesus did this sinful world as it is and not as I would have it...

It's line six of the serenity prayer this week...I guess if I'm gonna take it... As Jesus did... I might wanna know how he took it... Maybe I oughta talk to him about that... Here's Donnie McClerkin...

Donnie McClerkin / just a little Talk with Jesus

Donnie McClerkin... This is what he calls having a little church up in the house... I like it, on radio Rehab Have a Little talk with Jesus...he's been here done that...and he knows how to take this world as it is...

it's pretty obvious that the way Jesus accepted his place in this world... Is different than the way I would wanna do it... See I just knew from the beginning there was a conflict between my way and his no one had to explain that one to me... I gotta play you a song from my own Twin Cities Live CD... About being played by the biggest player in this sinful world as it is...the Devil himself...

Bryan Duncan/ Don't Help The Devil

That's me at a live show from Twin Cities... Don't help the Devil... Best line in that song... "I'm never more than one step away from things I used to do"

(over intro) Now I'm working on taking as Jesus did this sinful world as it is...actually I'm working more on the "not as I would have it part"...accepting the realities of this world takes some humility...that let down that I was not gonna make an immediate impact on this world led me to addiction... Self pity...but that was also the beginning of better point of view through the 12 steps of recovery....

Switchfoot/ Beautiful Letdown

Switchfoot once again... My favorite "younger than me band"... Beautiful letdown...this is the Road To Redemption for me... You can find me on line at bryan duncan dot com... And this show on radio rehab dot com

This week I'm focusing on "taking this sinful world as it is and not as I would have it... And here's a perfect opportunity for life out of step...

yea so what's wrong with the world the way I would have it? it would revolve around me of course... I guess that leaves you in a bad place though... cause I'm selfish and I don't care about you unless it makes me feel better.

You might reap some benefits though in a world the way I would have it... Cause sugar would be nutritious, pleasure would build strength, ice cream would make me thin, yea and I'd get better looking with age, I would know everything without studying, my wishes would become reality instantly, I could meet all my own needs and be understood without explanation...hey this is fun...

Of course that would eliminate the Joy of a challenge, there would be no celebration in overcoming the odds... No sense of accomplishment and no wonder in discovery, no wonderful surprises from others who of their own free will might want to contribute to my existence...that would pretty much dilute the whole concept of love..

In the world as it is focusing only on what feels good seldom improves the quality of my life. What exactly is implied by the "world as it is"? Well it's surely salted with sweat and peppered with pain, filled with things I can change and things I cannot, I know the world as it is to be unfair, the good guys don't always win.. In fact there are no good guys really...some just tend to look better in different situations. All people are selfish and fall short of the Glory of God...

Ignorance is the platform we all get to start with and everyone learns at a different pace ahh but we get to make decisions that affect others regardless of any my fellow humans and I have made a pretty good mess of things...trying to take the world as I would have it.

Dear God, As much as the world makes no sense to me ... I know there is a purpose beyond me... Thank you for giving me the free will to trust you. I'm grateful to you that your responsibilities are not mine. Help me overcome the hurt I've been apart of as I've tried to make the world conform to my standards. Amen

Bonnie Raitt/ Cry On My Shoulder

That's Bonnie Raitt... Cry on my shoulder There are some great things about the world as it is when I get out of myself to see it...profound beauty and experience to be shared. and my own transformation through discovery is more glorious then forcing my will on the world...

here's Randy Stonehill..

Randy Stonehill/ All I Know

This is Radio Rehab... I don't have all the answers either cause I keep getting a whole new set of questions.... take one day at a time, and this world as it is I'm Bryan Duncan.... Keep coming back

This has been the road to redemption on your transformation station...