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Keb Mo/ That's Not Love
Bonnie Raitt/ I Can't Make You Love Me
Alanis Morrissette/ You Learn
Bryan Duncan/ When It Comes To Love
Amy Grant/ after the fire
Seal/ Prayer for the Dying
This is the Road To Redemption... And I'm Bryan Duncan, lookin at the guardrails on the road to redemption... A guardrail is what keeps you on the road when you're out of control... this weeks guardrail is the Gift Of Pain...and it sure ain't love!

Keb Mo / That's not love (4:00)

That's not love...keb Mo singin... "you can't measure your love by the depth of your pain. Well put

(over intro)

Pain ain't my friend but it can be a gift depending on what I do with it...the best changes I've ever made in my life were a direct result of the pain I was in before the changes... Sure there's pain from disease and physical injury That's the obvious stuff... But emotional pain can be harder to overcome Like pain brought on by the actions and decisions of others...someone's choice not to love me or consider my feelings in their determinations... That's a big one...

Bonnie Raitt/ I Can't Make You Love Me (5:27) (at 4:oo into song) Bonnie Raitt ... I can't make you love me if you don't... That¹s true of more than lovers... Brothers, mothers and others... Painful isn't it... And it's part of the greater pain of loss, realizing I've lost something that's not coming back... This is a great song about just one of many unfulfilled desires and longings that come from my own neediness. it's the pain of not getting what I want or need... So how can this pain be a gift...well it helps me focus on what my needs really are, causes me to search for insights into a better way to live...and through it I may even find a higher power to guide me in how to live and love others regardless of their behavior.... You see what I mean... Pain forces my growth... Moves me over this mountain of discontent to the valley of serenity hopefully...the good things I'm finding now are because pain forced me to move on... So in that way it is a gift...

Pain is a gift that keeps me on the Road To Redemption... I don't like it either but never the less it is because of Pain that I learn!

Alanis Morrissette/ You Learn (3:55)

That's Alanis Morrisette... You learn Like I've been quoted a thousand times... Change doesn't happen until the pain of my current circumstance outweighs the fear of doing something about it. And low and behold I'm startin to learn a thing or two... Because of pain

Bryan Duncan/ When It Comes To Love (4:41)

That's one of my recordings, when it comes to love... Gonna feel a little pain in your heart...Pain doesn't have to be fatal... And I don't have to run from it either...or avoid it by checking out through addiction... You're listening to Radio Rehab and I'm the host, Bryan Duncan talkin about the Gift of pain this week...granted it's a white elephant gift that no body wants..but it's One of the guardrails on the Road to can find all the shows at Radio by the way... Where you might relate to life out of step...

So what if there was no pain in life... Pain free living sounds great to me...until I look at what pain has produced in my own life...what I've learned and the insights I have received... All of the biggest songs I've ever written were a reaction to pain... My closest relationships with others have been because of our mutual identification with painful realities... It created bonds of understanding and unity that are stronger than those superficial relationships we all have. The Gift of Pain is also the title of a book by Dr. Paul Brand and Phillip Yancey. I haven't read all of it but Dr Brand spent his whole life working with Lepers... He said the disease doesn't eat the flesh like most people think.. it numbs the bodies ability to feel pain so a leper doesn't feel the sensation of infection or injury, that's how they begin to lose body parts... Blindness too, in those afflicted with leprosy, is caused by the lack of natural reaction to dryness in the eye. where the brain, in reflex reaction to irritant, causes the eyelids to blink and create new moisture. And without that reaction a mans eyes dry up and cease to function short Pain is our warning system... That something needs to be taken care of!

(between lines of her verses) Dear God,... you alone understand the depth of my pain... and you allow it for reasons I don't always see... And so I will agree with you that your will and ways are better than mine... Give me the strength to trust you... through the valleys of the shadows of Pain... In your name I pray... Amen

Amy Grant/ after the fire (3:14)

(intro at 20 seconds) fear causes pain and so does anger and resentment, and fatigue, and hunger, you recognizing any of this in your own life? They are all at work at some point or other in all of us..and lets not forget loneliness, and the heartbreak of disappointment and missed opportunities... It's only pain...and it's time to move on...

Seal/ Prayer for the Dying (5:00)

(read at 4;05 into the song) "Pity me oh lord for I am weak, heal me for my body is sick and I am upset and disturbed. My mind Is filled with apprehension and with gloom. Restore me soon. come oh lord and make me well. In your kindness save me. For if I die I cannot give you glory by praising you before my friends. I am worn out with pain. Every night my pillow is wet with tears"... Psalm 6 1-6 King David speaking there... (when nothing else matters)

(I just don't know what's got into me) The song's by Seal... Prayer for the dying....

(just a prayer for the dyin) You've been listening to Radio Rehab, the Road To Redemption with me on line at ................ Don't run from the gift of pain...see it as motivation to stay on the Road to Redemption... And drive into springtime... I'm Bryan Duncan keep coming back