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Nicole Smith - In a Different Light
Bryan Duncan - Blessed are the Tears
Ginny Owens - I Know Someone
Eagles - Desperado
Crystal Lewis - Beauty for Ashes
Road To Redemption / True Confessions

Hi I'm Bryan Duncan, welcome once again to the Road To Redemption... It's the highway to victory eventually ...On this road...we're here to inflate your tires not your ego. If you think you've arrived already you're gonna find yourself in a ditch somewhere cause ya took your eye's off the road...and the Redeemer. So lets keep the shiney side up and moving in the right direction... Because No matter what else you believe.. mistakes happen! wrong choices are common place...hardship is everyone's reality sometimes, and God is not surprised by the things you do or say...

Tonights show is True Confessions... We're coming clean with ourselves and God and one other person...someone we trust.

There is real sanity and healing in confessing our faults Trust ME... It's the beginning of a new perspective... With true confessions to God, yourself and someone you can trust... You start to see things in a different light...

In a Different Light/ Nicole Smith

Perspective... It's what makes the difference when you are facing the uncertain future... God can still write a better ending to your story than you can! Let us examine our ways and test them... And return to the lord... Because "happy are the pure in heart"

(over Steely Dan music) Keep in mind that Coming clean with God is not for his benefit it's for yours... He already knows what you're gonna say. He knows how you feel already why not be honest! Before we were on the road to redemption, we spent our life in a state of hiding, ashamed of who we were inside. Maybe even hiding the truth from ourselves. Pretending to have virtues and qualities that we don't really have. Purifying the inside of our life, will mean dealing with our destructive habits, defects of character, the wrongs we have done, and the consequences that we now live with... And the hurt we have caused others.

... being honest about our past actions and attitudes will be painful and there will be sadness and tears in the beginning... That¹s why you don't want to do this alone... That¹s' why you need a friend you can trust.

It's worth the investment cause with the tears that come from searching your soul comes an internal cleansing that will help you make a new start...

Blessed are the tears/ Bryan Duncan (over the back of song)

Dear God... You know my past...all the good and the bad things that I've done, I ask you to give me the strength and the courage to list those things So that I can come clean and face them and the truth. Please help me to reach out to others you have placed on my road to Redemption. Thank you for providing them to help me keep balanced as I examine my own ways. In Christ name I pray Amen

So .... The time has come to look at our past... Without fear... Let's look at what we're hiding in our own little fortress...

Ginny Owens/ I know someone "I wasn't there in your past but I know someone who was"... Ginny Owens puts it nicely there... "I can't heal what lies within but I know someone who can"....

It's True Confessions on the Road Life outta step... Have you ever talked about yourself in third person when asking someone for Help cause you were too embarrassed to admit that the problems you spoke of were your own...I wrote a song about that once... The lyrics go: I know this respectable individual with a great personality who struggles on the inside a really nice guy but I'm afraid he lacks conviction he's got these mental reservations concerning his own life let alone why he doesn't know why...guess I'm looking for some understanding... For my lunatic friend He's been accosted by the local self righteous vigilantes in the name of God with a scripture or two, now he believes but he's not sure who his friends are or if they'd still be hanging around with him boy if they ever really knew... Does that sound like your fears? Not sure who will betray your trust? confessing you're faults to God and yourself is one thing... but Let's just talk about that "someone you trust"... Earlier you heard Ginny owens sing how you had more cries for help... you've been hurt for the last time that's what you tell yourself..of course in making that decision you only hurt yourself...there's always a risk in trusting someone with your heart... In fact much of our emotional pain comes from that struggle for trust in's like ice skating... If you're gonna do it well you're gonna fall's sure great though when you find a friend who's willing to help you up!

You're listening to the road to redemption .. We hope you're on it. We're talking about true confessions...

With true confession before God he can help you put the past behind's time to let somebody love you....get rid of the anger and loneliness ... The desperation of carrying your pain alone.... Like this song says you better let somebody love you... Before it's too late.

Desperado/ Eagles

So true "confess your faults one to another that you might be healed... From the book of James in the Bible... I'm not sure why confession to someone you trust is healing but it keeps you from feeling like you're the only one who struggles with painful realities.

It helps you avoid the little lies you tell yourself... that cause you to act unreasonably and make decisions to fix things yourself instead of letting God work things out He gives beauty for ashes...Peace for's Crystal Lewis..

Beauty for Ashes/ Crystal Lewis


Keep in mind as you work through this season of self examination...this should be honest self evaluation with support and insight from a partner not morbid self condemnation.... Good can come from grief and it's just a season of the soul... Remember too that God is not disappointed in you! he knows what you're gonna do before you do it...and don't try to figure that out... Just imagine, what if your plan B was really God's plan A all along....

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