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This is the Road To Redemption...

Eric Clapton/ Say What You Will

I'm Bryan Duncan and I can't expect to be reasonably happy if I don't say
want my real needs and feelings are... I was hoping you could read my mind
but that hasn't worked... not a lot of clairvoyant friends out there..

Yer listenin to Radio Rehab and my responsibilities for reasonable
happiness .. one more.. might seem obvious... I'm responsible to express my real needs and feelings...

Songs called Say What You Will/ Eric Clapton.... "I need a friend to tell
my troubles to" ...he sings... expressing a real need and the feelings
about it...a friend is a great place to start... but whether I gotta friend
or not.. still gotta express my real needs and feelings.

Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band/ Express Yourself

Expressing my real needs and feelings doesn't always bring satisfaction
...but sayin things out loud has a way of letting me hear it for me first...
Sayin out loud what I need or feel let's me see it for myself... helps me
define what Reasonable fulfillment looks like... Can't get what I need if I don't know what I need... it works the same way too if I don't know what you need and yer not sayin... sporadic dispersement! 8) You reasonably happy yet? Hey you telling anybody how you feel? What it is that you need? Hope yer not keeping quiet cause yer worried about how
stupid you might look?

That's Mocean Worker Remix of Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm
Band...this is a nice way to drive a message home... case you didn't get that...Expressing my true needs and feelings is
one of my responsibilities for reasonable happiness...

Bryan Duncan & The NehoSoul Band / Don't Leave Me In The Dark

On the other side of that coin.... is the happiness of at least knowing what
YOUR real needs and feelings are too...I wonder how much unhappiness has
come from other people who don't bother to tell you how they feel and what
they need...maybe part of my responsibility here is to express my desire to
know what you need....

That's me singin............ Bryan Duncan and the NehoSoul's from the "Still Dancin" project..."I'm not a mind I'm learning to express my need to know what you need......(after the scream).......... I might have been left in the dark cause I didn't bother to express my real needs and

I don't know about you but I have to write stuff down and read it back to
myself to see what my needs are...I didn't start that till I was in
recovery... hated it too...but the journaling has had a profound impact upon
my journey towards reasonable happiness... expressing my true needs and
feelings... and after rehearsing my lines telling others what my real needs
and feelings's not perfected but I'm learnin that I gotta try...

Michael McDonald/ I Gotta Try

I'm not gonna tell you how to express your real needs and feelings... just
sayin you need to work that out... it's a responsibility for reasonable happiness... communication is an art form ... I gotta try...Expressing my needs and feelings is easy enough but getting someone else to actually hear you is the real test...
Michael McDonald... I gotta try... I can tell you from experience though in expressing my needs and feelings... what doesn't work well... screaming them at other people doesn't accomplish much.... or using threats is only a temporary fix... and if yer havin
trouble communicating I think yer ready for.

Life Out Of Step.... I, pretty much, know what I think I need... I
feel pretty good about that too until I run into you expressing your real
needs and feelings! sometimes I think I need you to not express yourself
for so long...cause you need to hear my needs... I am hoping for world domination of course ... Or at least universal acceptance... I just need you to hear me that's all...
and like what I'm telling you to do for me.... I don't say that stuff out loud cause it sounds
kind of pathetic...keeping silent is not the only reason my needs ain't
gettin met... I have to whittle down my list a lot when it comes to real
needs... good news is...if I don't get my needs met... I don't have a
problem expressing my feelings about it!... and that never seems to go over
well.. wonder why...I might have to adjust the volume on my expressions....
But to be Reasonably happy I have to give expression to what's in my
head... Well there's a lot a ways to "communicate" that... but choosing non
violent, non threatening words and a confident tone of voice?... Well that
makes it even harder...I tend to wait till my desires and feelings have
backed up like a trailer house toilet... you just know there's gonna be an
explosion and it ain't gonna smell good!

I think most of the raised voice conversations that I've ever heard comes
from people expressing their real needs and feelings because it just doesn't feel
effective to say it in a reasonable tone of voice...

Dear God... help me find the best way to express myself, knowing that no one
but you can meet all my real needs or understand all my me
find grace in my expression...and confidence in communication so that I may
be reasonably happy...amen

Linkin Park/ Breaking the Habit

That's Linkin Park...Breakin the Habit... "I don't know why I say what I
don't mean"...falls under the category of not expressing my REAL needs and
feelings I imagine... "I don't know what's worth fighting for or why I have
to scream" they sing...well there's two habits to break...

Amy Winehouse/ Rehab

That's Amy Winehouse.... expressing her feelings...those were mine once
too... rehab gets a bad rap from the start... but it only works if you work
it... depression, obsession, addiction, compulsion, are all things that make
life unmanageable... Rehab is just the facility to change how I think about
what I cannot change! You've been listening to the road to redemption...
Radio Rehab is the facility to encourage me to do the thinkin to change the
things I can...we've been focused on what it takes for me to be reasonably
happy in this life... like everything worth fighting for .. Comes with
responsibilities...and this particular show has been redundant...but if I
have needs and feelings I gotta make em known!'s where repeating
yourself might not be a bad thing...

I'm Bryan Duncan.... express yourself... and keep comin back...