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Canton Spirituals - Clean Up What I Messed Up
Phil Keaggy - Carry Me
Bryan Duncan - Don't Look Away
Ashley Cleveland - Broken Places
Bryan Duncan - All Is Forgiven
Radio show #6 Refining our Alignment

Hello again I hope... Unless of course you're a first time visitor to the show. I'm Bryan Duncan, I'm on the Road To Redemption! and that's more than just the name of this radio show. It's a straight and narrow road and yet I'm doing a lot of over steering these days!

So Tonights show...finding time to Refine our alignment! key word there is alignment... In other words it doesn't matter how many wheels you've got on the ground, if they're not pointed in the same direction... You'll have a hard time drivin a straight line. We're gonna evaluate all our relationships. Offer forgiveness to those who have hurt us and make amends for the harm we've done to others...

(O.k. Sure that'll take longer than thirty minutes...but we're gonna think about what we need to do to make a right standing relationship with God run a little smoother. As we listen to a group called The Canton Spirituals:

Clean Up/The Canton Spirituals

If anyone says "I love God" but keeps on hating his brother he is a liar; For if he doesn't love his brother who is right there in front of him, How can he love God whom he has never seen.... That¹s from 1 john 4:20 You have to know that the word brother could be replaced by sister, mother, wife, husband, parent, boss, ex, any human being Christ has died for.

A little side note... it's easier to love someone you don't know very well... Cause you haven't seen their ugly side yet... And they haven't seen yours either! I'm assuming that you are relatively presentable in that first impression... That's why the early stages of romance is so cool.. You kind of have that mystery going on and you can fill in the gray areas with any color you prefer! But mark my words no relationship, romantic or otherwise, can last without forgiveness...we have to constantly find time to refine our alignment! Thank God that he can help us do just that Carry me back/ Phil Keaggy

Phil Keaggy, Personal Friend of Mine, that's Carry me Back ... On the Road TO Redemption...

We're refining our alignment with God by asking and offering forgiveness from and to others like he asks us to do in the bible as part of our love for him. if I'm gonna live in this world with anybody elsed.. I'm gonna have conflicts. I will hurt somebody and they will hurt me. "but do not repay evil for evil. Do things in such a way that everyone can see that you are honest clear through.. If it is possible... As far as it depends on you... Live at peace with everyone" From Romans chapter 12.

By the way when you seek forgiveness or wish to give it you have to know that your efforts won't always bring the results you might expect. Remember that you are doing this first and foremost to restore your alignment to God and his will for your life. To set things right before him so that YOU can be free. No one can forgive quite like God does so don't carry unrealistic expectations into this operation. Everyone gets the opportunity to hold on to their resentments!! But as you might have learned already on the Road To Redemption...resentment only destroys you from the inside. And un-forgiveness is something you can't ignore without paying a price. Don't look away from the offenses you've suffered or caused... Nothing is healed that is ignored.

Don't look away/ bryan d

During the solo of song read: It's easier to carry hurts and resentments down deep inside than you might realize. Sometimes the blatant sins we commit are an act of rebellion against what others have done to us...... Or a defense against the damage already done. Sure sin is sin...but you don't have to ignore the reasons when you ask God for forgiveness and the power to forgive others. Bad blood is something that will keep you up at night... Sometimes what we need is a transfusion. Let the blood of Jesus cover your sins and those of others who have hurt you.

Don't go closing your eyes to the truth as you pray... That¹s me singing from experience....

Dear God, Thank you for your love, for your freely given grace. Help me model your ways when I make my amends to those I have hurt and offer my forgiveness to those that have injured me. Help me to set aside my selfishness and speak the truth in love. I pray that I would focus only on my part, My responsibility of the issue. I know that I can forgive others because you first forgave me. Thank you for forgiving me so that I may forgive others In Jesus Name I pray Amen.

Life out of step... With making amends?

Sometimes I find the right decisions by just taking sides with my alter ego. Following through in my own mind what would happen if I just followed my own will. What's the opposite of making amends...amends is reaching out to others in the grace granted us by God. Still It requires some humility and courage to bow your head. So to be out of step with that would be to ignore the whole thing... Place yourself above everyone else and so too every law of man. Choose to be an observer of life from the sidelines... By all means don't participate... And then wonder why you are so lonely. Despise anyone who believes in anything or who makes an effort or risks failure. Hide behind your inflated opinion of yourself based on your own intelligence...point out all the idiots you see from your perspective so as not to see your own foolishness. There's really no need for an alignment if your riding a unicycle... Of course clowns ride unicycles... They're usually juggling a bunch of stuff too... It's real entertainment for those around 'em... We know they're not driving anything important and they're not going very far either...

You can always find fault with others... And you can always find someone dumber than long as you can look at them and laugh... You won't have to look at yourself and cry...

Now that we know what "out of step" really looks like....Lets take the right road shall we. We're refining our alignment in this show. Offering forgiveness to those who have hurt us and making amends for the harm we've done to others... Let's visit our broken places While we listen to Ashley Cleveland

Broken places/ Ashley Cleveland

Maybe you are chained to the past because of unresolved conflict...maybe you did your best to make things right with someone who refused to be reconciled.

Making amends is no easy thing we're talking about when it comes to long standing emotional injuries... You may be left with negative feelings that continue to surface. The situation may not change and your feelings too may not change initially but we don't have to be held captive by our feelings or the feelings of others.

In other words: Don't wait to forgive until you feel like it. Choose to forgive anyway and choose love anyway and in doing so you will not be controlled by anyone other than God.

But the more refined your alignment with God becomes the more freedom you'll have from injury. Making amends is the beginning of the end of your isolation from others and God.

When I'm properly aligned with God and his purpose for me I can take responsibility for my actions and live without regret.

All is forgiven/ Bryan d