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Bryan Duncan - Sometimes In The Dark
Ashley Cleveland - Could Be Talkin'
Bryan Duncan - This Love Is What I Get
Bryan Duncan - Holiday In Heaven
Randy Stonehill - Hey Jayne
Bryan Duncan - Things are Gonna Change
This is the road to Redemption...

I'm Bryan Duncan...mostly because nobody else wanted the job...

On this weeks show, we're on a mission from God....To carry the message of redemption to others.... and to stay redeemed in the process...

Sometimes in the Dark/ bryan d

Sometimes In the Dark my problems can seem larger than life, and overcoming my own hurts, hang ups and habits can seem like, well, Mission Impossible! but I've been encouraged by folks that are ahead of me on the road to redemption because at some point they offered to show me the way...

My mission now that I've decided to accept it, is to get the message of hope through redemption to those in the dark about recovery from the entrapments, addictions, and compulsive behaviors that so quickly make our lives's time to get the word out

Could be talkin'/ Ashley Cleveland

"Let us give thanks to God from whom all help comes! He helps us in all our troubles, so that we are able to help those who have all kinds of troubles, using the same help that we ourselves have received" 2 Corinthians 1:3

We're on a Mission from God...that mission is to carry the message and continue to practice what we have learned... Allow me to be redundant here... You can't carry a message that you haven't received...

This love is what I get/ bryand

[song ends cold... Take two measures from the intro and add to the back for the wording below]

The good news and the message I'm bringing to you is that I didn't get from God what I deserved... What I got was forgiveness, another chance, and a life of mercy and grace when I least deserved it... That my friend is redemption! that's my story of redemption, a story available to anyone who would seek it.

That story is my mission... This mission isn't a big pain or some chore to finish... It's not homework! It's not real either... if the desire to do it is not out of true joy for how my life has been redeemed!!

Holiday and Heaven/ bryand

Bryan Duncan there and here... On the corner of holiday and one day at a time... Enjoying the moment.... But let's be prepared for Life Out Of Step....

There's a small church and homeless shelter operation in my home town, not unlike the third street gospel mission I just sang about... It comes with the territory of almost every city I think. Marty is a pastor I met here who does services at more than one location. I liked him immediately...Levi's, Long hair and yes, he has a Harley-Davidson. But that hardly describes him. He's a patient man on a mission from God to bring hope to the brokenhearted. .... Remarkable changes have to take place in a man's life to have a heart for strangers in need... It's the opposite of what most of us want to do.

I offered to sing for their weekly church service here. The building is a hundred years old... could use a little recovery of it's own. It's been here longer than the street in front of it. Heck it's almost in the street!

But It's open 24/7 and offers street people a chance to crash at night in a safe place. At the service were mostly poor folks and homeless Trying to get on their feet. I met several men who were celebrating months and years of recovery from drugs and alcohol. Lots of little kids and single moms.

Among them too were the hopelessly determined to continue to do things their own way regardless of the truth about their wrong dependencies...Not unlike me in times past!

But I come here because I like to remember what that look of gratitude to God really looks like! You can find it here. People here have less than most of us, still I've found some who have more joy than I do . We kind of lose that look as we accumulate more distractions in our life.

I share with these folks from a more broken place in my own heart because I know they understand pain and loss and fear of the uncertain future. And I am given strength myself as I offer to encourage them. I am never "out-given".

I'm learning that a great way to beat my own depression is to step out and offer myself to others! I've found that when I risk the effort to encourage others ... I find encouragement for my own struggle.

"Stepping out" of my comfort zone might be the best way to avoid being out of step with all that's important in my life.

Your listening to the Road To Redemption with Bryan Duncan

The mission of hope is powerful... But it's most useful when passed on to one person at a time in private's an example...

Hey Jayne/ Randy Stonehill

That's Randy Stonehill... Encouraging a friend "hey Jayne. Dear God, bring me someone today whom I can encourage out of pure joy for the redemption you've brought to me... thanks In Jesus Name, my supreeme Redeemer amen!

O.K. So we can't control everything but we can make changes in our own lives and we can definitely effect the lives of others with our encouragement and that is something we can count on...

Things are gonna change/Bryan d

You've been listening to the Road To Redemption with Bryan Duncan on your transformation station... You can hear more Redemption On line at under "Radio Rehab"... Keep coming back....