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Larry Howard - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
Darwin Hobbs - I Will Run To You
Bryan Duncan - Lies Upon Lies
Bryan Duncan - Yes I Will
Phil Keaggy - Z Blues
All Together Separate - Truth About God
Parachute Band - Shout It
This is the road to redemption

everybody wants to go to heaven/ Larry Howard

Bryan Duncan here....Why do I lie to myself? Who am I fooling? God knows....we're on the Road TO Redemption, because mistakes happen,

(over the solo) your listening to the Road to Redemption...this weeks show... Why do I Lie to myself! think about it.... we've got alittle time here...

Everybody wants to hear the truth but still they want to tell a lie...That's Larry Howard from Sanctified Blues...

Chances are if you've lied to anyone... You've lied to yourself first... lying to your self is called... Denial.... So how do you know if you're in Denial if you're in Denial? Reminds me of a crack I heard from a comedian once... He said....There's a new hot line set up in L.A. For people in Denial... So far no body's called!

I will run to you/ Darwin Hobbs

The Road to Redemption begins when we stop the denial about the things that hold power over 'em compulsions or addictions, rebellion or just hard livin... It's all the same... It's a refusal to admit that I am powerless over my tendency to do the wrong thing..."happy are those who know they are spiritually poor" Matthew 5:3 says... (fade at 3 minutes) That¹s Darwin Hobbs, a big Man with a big voice...he sings on my Joyride album project as well as his own records... This is the Road To Redemption....We're talkin about the lies we tell our selves...and "why do I lie to myself?" here's a song from my early days... I was singing about lies even as I was in my own denial.... Think about that!

Lies upon lies/ bryan d

(over the solo) I was happy enough living in fairy tale land... "Why mess with a good thing" I would tell myself...well, mostly because lies are what eventually make your life unmanageable...and if you think you're managing your life just fine by yourself... You're probably in denial!

Well,ready or not it's time for Life out of step

I lie to myself most likely because I'm afraid of the truth.... and the consequences... I'd like to give you some examples from my own life of how I lie to myself... Three subtle Lies I've told to myself consistently over my lifetime... Lie Number 1...I'm above the law and the rules don't apply to me.... Why the lie? Cause the truth is with my low self esteem I can't bare to be just another human being with the same needs and frailties of everyone else..even humility takes a little self confidence if you think about it! Arrogant people are often those who feel smallest on the inside.

Lie number two is my favorite..I deserve better than I'm getting... Why the lie? Jesus Christ himself got treatment on this earth far worse than I could ever realize... So where's this "entitlement" coming from? Well, see lie number one! ...I'm above the law and the rules don't apply to me...therefore I deserve better...You see? My lies actually start to support each other!

Ironically, the third most common lie I tell myself... I don't deserve to be forgiven and I'm not worthy to be redeemed.... Why the lie? Because then I might have to be grateful to God for his unmerited favor... I might just have to appreciate what God has done for me... For what I could not do for myself!!! This lie sounds real humble but turned inside out it is arrogance because I don't want to need salvation at all... I want to be self sustained!

You have to know that I've spent a lot of time taking a moral inventory of my behavior just to come up with these few paragraphs... But still... understanding my reasons isn't enough to make me stop the lies I tell myself! It's a hard habit to break... If you wanna break a habit... Stay on the road to redemption... Live one day at a time... And keep coming back!

I'm Bryan Duncan...We're talking about lying to ourselves... Here's a tune I wrote to fight the little lies in my own head...

Yes I will/ bryan d

Phil Keaggy/ z blues (under the prayer)

Even if you don't think so my brain is always working...but Not always in my own best interest. Dear God, It's easier to believe what I can see, touch and feel than to trust you and your word about what is right, and what I should do with my life. Help me to recognize the lies I tell myself, and send help to keep me from acting on my own misinformation... help me recognize your voice and the truth that only comes from knowing you personally and following your will. You are my higher power and my supreme Redeemer... Redeem my mind I pray... Amen.

O.k. So...Got Guts? ...lets start lookin through our own lies and see what the truth really is... So where might we find the real truth?

Altogether Separate/ Truth About God....

That's altogether Separate.... The Truth about God.

There's hope to get through the lies we tell ourselves.... The truth really will set me free...and it gives me a better foundation to build my life on.... I'll leave you with a band from New Zealand I met recently... the Parachute's one of my favorites from them called "Shout It"... You've been listening to The Road To Redemption with Bryan Duncan... Do not attempt this road alone or without "parental Super Vision"... From the heavenly Father...thanks for joining me...I'm reasonably happy... Keep coming back....It works if you work it.

Parachute Band/ Shout It