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Radio Rehab: was born out a desire to give back to the program of recovery.... "as a result of having had wonderful help and insight through working the 12 steps of recovery for my own hurts, Habits and Hang ups...recovery is for everyone eventually"...says host Bryan Duncan

Radio Rehab: is a musical format..... where the issues of recovery are kept on the front burner for those who can't always get to a "meeting" or find someone on the phone in down times. That's why it's available on line 24-7 as well as offered as a weekly show on radio stations around the US and several other countries.

Radio Rehab: is simple encouragement.... through songs mostly, songs that speak to recovery issues. And are used based on lyric content first, including almost every kind of musical style..."I play only songs that I like" says the shows host " I choose material that tends to follow the styles I like most"... soul/ blues/gospel/funk and rock... "but I will play a song too simply because something is well said in the content lyrically"

Radio Rehab: does not attempt to define any particular addiction.... as it's primary purpose is to let the listener decide for themselves what has made their life "Unmanageble". Accepting the belief that addiction regardless of it's demonstration holds to the same basic needs to fill a broken place in one's life.

Radio Rehab: holds the belief that everyone must pursue for themselves the knowledge of a power greater than us..... It is the host's understanding that Jesus Christ is his own personal higher power but does not assume that everyone has reached that understanding. And out of respect and trust in Jesus, the opportunity is given to others to work through Step three without being pushed to find someone else's answer as a substitute for their own. "the God of my understanding has the power to reach others where they are just as he has for me...and I will trust him with the lives and the plans he has for other people" ... Bryan Duncan.

Radio Rehab: offers humor and sarcastic content ...between songs as only one mans perspective mostly.. and in a two minute rant about how things might really feel in a segment called "life out of step"... acknowledging negative ways of dealing with problems in our past... as a way of seeing why one might want to pursue a better objective..


Radio Rehab: offers prayer... included as a way to "improve one's conscious contact with a higher power" as step 11 suggests.. The host prefers to address him in his own personal way.

Radio Rehab: is only a support to the real work of recovery.... and does not offer definitive answers or attempt to counsel anyone in their own personal behavior... although the show does not endorse any program of recovery it holds the belief that most recovery works are an effort of true conviction and concern for the benefit of the suffering and can be trusted to offer real hope and better choices...

Radio Rehab: can be offered as a "point of visibility" for any program of recovery or counseling currently available and is pursuing financial sponsorship currently.

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